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Mix & Match - Music BLOG

Let’s face it.

I’ve been teaching in Middle School for nearly a decade now. As a major consequence, my English is getting poorer and poorer. I mean, I love my job, really, and my accent is still pretty good and authentic. At least, that’s what they say when I go to the UK (once a year, to remain fluent. And no, this is not paid by my boss!).

But my vocabulary size has shrunk and is now estimated between 3000 and 5000 words only. When I came back from the UK ten years ago, I knew MUCH more. I’ve lost most of the idioms or phrasal verbs I used to know, and now, I kind of pause when I speak, or even stammer.

After a year spent writing my dissertation about Roald Dahl, I came back from Sheffield and did my oral presentation. My tutors actually raised my mark because my English was so good, they said.

Well I think my level was at its best at that time. As I said, that was ten years ago.

In a nutshell, I need an upgrade. So, I was thinking: what can I do to improve my English?

I started taking lessons for lower advanced. But that wasn’t enough, so I told myself I had to find a project that could link together my two passions: the English language and music.

And it suddenly came into my mind: why not starting a music blog?

I am a musician myself so of course, I know people who manage concert venues. One of them started programming international artists in his pub, and I told him I could help - at least to communicate with these English-speaking people! And finally, last Saturday, one thing leading to another, I found myself conducting my very first interview.

And here I am. Celine aka G(a)linda, French woman, English teacher in the South of France, bassist and lead singer in a rock band, passionate about the English language… I am starting to write a music blog to keep my passions alive!

COMING SOON: an interview with LAISH

PS: if you spot any mistakes, don’t hesitate to correct them in your comments. My English is at stake! Cheers :)

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